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NewMRC 1422, Prodigy Explorer Beginner DCC System with Power Supply HO N or Z Scale
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HObo Model Railroad Club display back in Connellsville

On Dec. 4, 5 and 6, the West Virginia Northern Railroad will be running past the mines, the town of Buffington and villages like Blair, the farms and industries along the 12 scale miles of mainline that has been growing for three years for the HObo Model Railroad Club display in Room 103 on the first floor of the Greater Connellsville Area Community Center.

The hours of operation will be from noon to 5 p.m.

The club will hold its yearly operating session, geared more to running trains like the ones on real railroads as opposed to allowing the trains to run around the layout continuously.

While members of the club are interested in railroading, only one member has ever worked on the railroad, according to Club President Bill Beatty who joined the HObo club in 1999. Beatty said his father worked on the P&LE Railroad and wanted him to also work there. But Beatty spent his career working for U.S. Steel before retiring at the age of 56.

Beatty said the layout does not represent any specific area in West Virginia, but is meant to provide scenery and industries that might be served by a real railroad, with a focus on hauling coal and supplying the mines and the railroad with wood products. Farms and packing industries are also featured.

While the club started in 1953, featuring locomotives and rolling stock on the B&O, members are free to operate their trains based on any railroad, real or imagined.

The 12 club members tend to have specific parts of the hobby that they enjoy.

Some, like Dave Garlick, do scenery. Beatty loves to work on locomotives. Some like steam or steam and first-generation diesel locomotives. Others like more modern trains, while others like present-era locomotives and rolling stock (freight and passenger cars).

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101 Projects for Your Model Railroad 101 Projects for Your Model Railroad

WIRING FOR TWO OR MORE TRAINS There are dozens of books on how to wire a model railroad. In fact ... You can avoid all of those gaps and virtually all but two wires by using a digital command control, or DCC, power pack. The DCC ...

Building a Model Railroad Step by Step
112 pages
Building a Model Railroad Step by Step

Although DCC allows you to wire a small or midsize model railroad as one big electrical block, that's not a good idea. Any short circuit will trip your DCC system's circuit breaker and shut down power to the entire layout until the short is cleared.
About this book
Follow the construction of a model railroad layout from start to finish! Over the course of three years, Model Railroader Senior Editor David Popp offered readers a monthly “Step by Step” glimpse into his N scale Naugatuck River Valley layout as he built the layout from the ground up. Now he tells the complete construction story using techniques any model railroader can use! More than 30 short projects take modelers through the process, from building benchwork to operating realistically. Step-by-step photos and illustrations let modelers see every phase of construction and apply the techniques to their own projects. Project topics include getting the layout started, building benchwork, completing trackwork and wiring, constructing scenery, adding structures, detailing, and running the railroad. Includes new material on choosing a scale, working in the available space, and installing DCC decoders.

It’s all over now …

On evaluation set up, I always do one until to an exhibit, the layout had developed an on-again-off-again barring circumference that was defying all attempts to jot it. After an hour of wire chasing the only jotting hand unchecked was the thirty year old H&M... The day went well and the layout ran well, but it was frustrating for all four of us that the locomotives weren’t working as well as they by do. Some loco’s the 45XX for eg seemed to advance on the new controller, so we chose to run the... Sunday morning we set up the DCC astute panniers and kicked off with those, whilst I got a feedback controller and Pete wired it up. That too had its challenges in the DIN up pins were a divers diameter so it had to be swapped and re-wired. The DCC was checked and that worked ok, but meant two locos for the whole exhibit if the DC controller couldn’t be replaced or repaired. Current Saturday afternoon one of the Gaugemaster get was looking at the layout and I mentioned that the tournament wasn’t as special-occasion as I trace it could be, and he suggested that we try an ‘HH’ feedback controller, which they had in investment. thegoodsyard  resulted in Richard digging out from their construction wares a Gaugemaster Model W walkabout controller. One supervising a full quick, the other full ‘on’ and mid-point off, working well-deserved amerce. This sinistral me on the afternoon before the show without a well-disposed controller....


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HObo Model Railroad Club display back in Connellsville
Some of the locomotives are even equipped with DCC that can be operated via a smartphone. Beatty said he enjoys the DCC system. He did not like the old way of controlling the trains, using toggle switches to supply power to the tracks and not being

Sebring Model Railroad Club annual open house next two weekends
Sebring Model Railroad Club annual open house next two weekends Forty years after moving the Pennsylvania Railroad station to the north side of the tracks in Sebring, the Sebring Model Railroad Club will hold its annual open house on the two weekends before Thanksgiving, Nov. 14 and 15 and Nov. 21 and 22, from

Model Trains Put Strain on Batteries, AC Power
Model Trains Put Strain on Batteries, AC Power In the newer and very popular digital-control system, you instruct the loco via digital control codes using the rail itself as the communications medium. The latter is called digital command control (DCC), where a decoder IC in the loco reads the code

Chatham Southern Railway Depot earns its spot in history
Chatham Southern Railway Depot earns its spot in history The Virginia Department of Historic Resources has named six historic sites across the state to the Virginia Landmarks Register — including the Chatham Southern Railway Depot in Chatham. Built between 1918 and 1919, it became a central transportation