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Dcc 5 Amp Power Supply Transformer
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NewNCE PH-PRO Power Pro 5 Amp DCC System 524-001
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Broadway Limited
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NewNCE DCC 25 POWER CAB 2A Version 1.65 FULL LINE DLR POWERCAB modelrrsupply 524-25
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Bachmann Spectrum N Scale Acela Express Powered DCC Cafe Car
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NewNCE DCC Auto SW Power Cab Pro Auto Switcher 524-226
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HO Bachmann DCC on board - (NYC) New York Central RS3 powered loco - excellent!!
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MRC DCC Power Supply (Booster). 16VAC 64VA. Look!
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Onslow Model Railroaders blend patience, imagination, artistry

Bells, whistles, horns and engine noises — The Onslow Model Railroaders hear it all on Tuesday nights. 

“Most of us older fellows grew up with working trains all over the country,” said Roger Alvis, Onslow Model Railroaders President. Trains aren’t our main form of transportation anymore and model railroads have grown less popular. Member Rob Robinson added that “fewer and fewer towns even have a hobby store, let alone a train store.” Despite this, the members are the Onslow Model Railroaders are motivated and hopeful, and very talented. 

Rob Robinson and Bernie Rosage Sr. have been building onto N Scale layout for 20 years. The N Scale is the group’s transportation or show layout. It includes 10 separate modules, or tables. The layout has won “best in show,” is very picturesque and highly detailed including shrubbery, roads, mountains, farms, cars, people and more. The furthest show the N Scale has travelled to was a regional show in Virginia Beach, Virginia. “I’d like to do a local open house or show where we can assemble this and show off the train,” said Robinson. 

They use some odd materials to complete a layout, “anything that will work.” Just to build the N Scale, they have used hairspray, ground foam, cardboard, plaster, tree branches, tree bark, cheese cloth, saw dust, and toothpicks. It takes patience and imagination, but members get ideas from each other and share techniques. 

Arvis described building model railroads as “a hobby that includes other hobbies,” including woodworking, electrical, computers, painting, and design. A layout doesn’t include just the train and a track, but also scenery and maybe even a story. It takes some artistry and talent and the members are there to help each other. Arvis enjoys making scenery the most, so he uses other members to help him with the aspects he isn’t confident with or doesn’t enjoy as much.

In 2008 the Onslow Model Railroaders restored the caboose that sits in Riverwalk Park in downtown Jacksonville. And they also built a layout depicting the town of Jacksonville which is on display at the Onslow County Museum in Richlands. 

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101 Projects for Your Model Railroad 101 Projects for Your Model Railroad

WIRING FOR TWO OR MORE TRAINS There are dozens of books on how to wire a model railroad. In fact ... You can avoid all of those gaps and virtually all but two wires by using a digital command control, or DCC, power pack. The DCC ...

Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems, SOPC Edition
428 pages
Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems, SOPC Edition

In DCC model trains, the train speed, direction, and other special features are controlled via a bipolar bit stream that is transmitted on the train tracks along with the power. A DCC decoder is located inside each train's engine that interprets the  ...
About this book
New to this edition is an introduction to embedded operating systems for SOPC designs.  Featuring four accelerated tutorials on the Quartus II and Nios II design environments, this edition progresses from introductory programmable logic to full-scale SOPC design integrating hardware implementation, software development, operating system support, state-of-the-art I/O, and IP cores.This edition features Altera's new 7.1 Quartus II CAD and Nios II SOPC tools and includes projects for Altera's DE1, DE2, UP3, UP2, and UP1 FPGA development boards.

It’s all over now …

On evaluation set up, I always do one until to an exhibit, the layout had developed an on-again-off-again barring circumference that was defying all attempts to jot it. After an hour of wire chasing the only jotting hand unchecked was the thirty year old H&M... The day went well and the layout ran well, but it was frustrating for all four of us that the locomotives weren’t working as well as they by do. Some loco’s the 45XX for eg seemed to advance on the new controller, so we chose to run the... Sunday morning we set up the DCC astute panniers and kicked off with those, whilst I got a feedback controller and Pete wired it up. That too had its challenges in the DIN up pins were a divers diameter so it had to be swapped and re-wired. The DCC was checked and that worked ok, but meant two locos for the whole exhibit if the DC controller couldn’t be replaced or repaired. Current Saturday afternoon one of the Gaugemaster get was looking at the layout and I mentioned that the tournament wasn’t as special-occasion as I trace it could be, and he suggested that we try an ‘HH’ feedback controller, which they had in investment. thegoodsyard  resulted in Richard digging out from their construction wares a Gaugemaster Model W walkabout controller. One supervising a full quick, the other full ‘on’ and mid-point off, working well-deserved amerce. This sinistral me on the afternoon before the show without a well-disposed controller....


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Seat sharpens Cupra with Ultimate Sub8 Performance Pack
Seat sharpens Cupra with Ultimate Sub8 Performance Pack A Leon SC CUPRA 280 fitted with the Ultimate Sub8 Performance Pack is no impractical trackday toy. It's every inch a proper hot hatch, just with an even more focused nature than the multi-award-winning Leon on which it's based. It's even got rear seats

Onslow Model Railroaders blend patience, imagination, artistry
Onslow Model Railroaders blend patience, imagination, artistry A DCC train has a computer chip in its engine. Traditional older trains are controlled by a Direct Current (DC), so if you try to put more than one engine on the track the trains will drain power from each other. The Onslow County Railroaders have both

Gertbot - Robot Power For The Pi
The good news is that you get the software you need to control the motors including a GUI interface that you can use for experimentation. You also get C and Python drivers for your own programs and a DCC GUI so that you can control a model train setup.

Math and Science Matter for Young Women March 7
The 19th annual presentation of the Dutchess Community College Math and Science Matter (Especially for Young Women) program will be Saturday, March 7. Once again, girls in grades 5 through 8 will be able to attend science workshops featuring biology,