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NewKato Powered DCC Ready Canadian National SD40-2 Early
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NewNCE 215 P515 DCC Power Supply 5 Amp FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING 524-215 Digitrax Lenz
DCC Systems & Accessories
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PROTO 2000 Diesel EMD SW8 Powered w/Sound & DCC-CN CNR Canadian National #7165
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NewNCE PB105 5 Amp DCC Power Booster for Power Pro 524-003
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Set of Rock Island E-7 AA Proto 2000/IHC Powered has DCC and Sound KD's
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DCC Systems & Accessories
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NewDCC Specialties Power Pax Programming Booster Digitrax Lenz NCE Sound PowerPax
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NewDigitrax DCC PS2012 20 Amp Power Supply For N, HO and G Scale
DCC Systems & Accessories
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NewMRC AD501 Power Station 8 Universal DCC Power Station 8 Amps HO/N to G Scale
DCC Systems & Accessories
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'The more communities can do for themselves, the better' - five years signals ...

Looking back, those arguments – fiercely fought as they were – seem like small beer, given the economic crisis and austerity measures which have followed.

It would be unfair to judge DCC by the standards of 2009 when, as Councillor Henig puts it, “the whole game has changed”.

“We didn’t think the economy was going to fall off a cliff in 2009 and public services would be hit year after year,” he says.

Local government has been hard hit by the Coalition spending squeeze, losing around 40 per cent of its funding.

In County Durham, care homes and leisure centres have closed, bin collections have become fortnightly and home-to-school transport and library opening hours have been cut.

But, Coun Henig insists: “I think we’ve been successful, but in different terms than we anticipated.”

To support that claim, he points to Durham’s 2013 Year of Culture, which saw the county host its first Ashes Test, the return of the Lindisfarne Gospels, Lumiere light festival and much more, together attracting 500,000 visitors.

Elsewhere, there have been economic success stories. Hitachi is building a train assembly plant in Newton Aycliffe , creating 730 jobs; a £27m office development is springing up on Durham’s old ice rink site; Spennymoor is benefitting from the £150m Durham Gate scheme for homes and businesses; and Seaham Harbour Marina has been transformed.

Last month, DCC was named the best council in the country at the Local Government Chronicle Awards.

But, nevertheless, critics remain.

Liberal Democrat leader Amanda Hopgood says DCC is the most undemocratic council in the country; with only the ten-member Labour cabinet wielding any real power, local knowledge ignored on planning matters and County Hall dominating the agenda of the 14 Area Action Partnerships’ (AAPs).

Tory leader Richard Bell defends the AAPs and says he sees “pockets of excellence” across DCC, but argues County Hall is too remote and services are still uneven across the county.

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101 Projects for Your Model Railroad
255 pages
101 Projects for Your Model Railroad

Model Rectifier Corporation (MRC), Atlas, Digitrax, Wangrow, PSI, Lenz, North Coast, and Soundtraxx are some of the more popular brands of DCC power packs and decoders. WIRING REVERSE LOOPS One disadvantage of two-rail track ...
About this book
A treasury of weekend projects for all model railroad enthusiasts, spanning everything from bench framing to wiring, assembling buildings, creating realistic ground covers, detailing locomotives, and running the railroad. Each project includes a handy table explaining the time (one to eight hours), tools, materials, money, skill level, and space required for successful completion. Studio photographs complement the text, and although the focus is on information specific to HO scale, each project includes a list of scales to which it is applicable.

DCC Projects and Applications
96 pages
DCC Projects and Applications

This collection of articles and columns from Model Railroader magazine's "DCC Corner" takes the reader through a series of DCC projects, including setting up a DCC layout, decoder installation, lighting effects, sound effects, layout wiring ...
About this book
Enhance your layout with digital command control! This collection of articles and columns from Model Railroader magazine's "DCC Corner" takes the reader through a series of DCC projects, including setting up a DCC layout, decoder installation, lighting effects, sound effects, layout wiring projects, advanced decoder programming, and tips and ideas for advanced DCC projects. For beginners and experts alike, this book includes tips, techniques, and photographic instruction. Also includes a glossary and a list of important considerations for choosing a DCC system.

It’s all over now …

On evaluation set up, I always do one until to an exhibit, the layout had developed an on-again-off-again barring circumference that was defying all attempts to jot it. After an hour of wire chasing the only jotting hand unchecked was the thirty year old H&M... The day went well and the layout ran well, but it was frustrating for all four of us that the locomotives weren’t working as well as they by do. Some loco’s the 45XX for eg seemed to advance on the new controller, so we chose to run the... Sunday morning we set up the DCC astute panniers and kicked off with those, whilst I got a feedback controller and Pete wired it up. That too had its challenges in the DIN up pins were a divers diameter so it had to be swapped and re-wired. The DCC was checked and that worked ok, but meant two locos for the whole exhibit if the DC controller couldn’t be replaced or repaired. Current Saturday afternoon one of the Gaugemaster get was looking at the layout and I mentioned that the tournament wasn’t as special-occasion as I trace it could be, and he suggested that we try an ‘HH’ feedback controller, which they had in investment. thegoodsyard  resulted in Richard digging out from their construction wares a Gaugemaster Model W walkabout controller. One supervising a full quick, the other full ‘on’ and mid-point off, working well-deserved amerce. This sinistral me on the afternoon before the show without a well-disposed controller....