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NewWoodland Scenics [WOO] 50"x 100" Grass Mat Spring RG5121 WOORG5121
Scenery & Trees
Time Left: 24d 17h 41m

NewNEW Bachmann SceneScapes Grass Mat Green 50x34 32902 NIB
Other Model Railroads & Trains
Time Left: 13d 21h 6m

NewJTT Scenery Products 95404 Medium Green HO Grass Mat 50"x100"
Scenery & Trees
Time Left: 22h 0m

NewScale Model Train Layout Grass Mat 0.5x0.5m Ygreen HO N
Scenery & Trees
Time Left: 24d 15h 30m

NewDollhouse Spring Scene Craft Model Grass Mat Park Garden Street Train Railroad
Other HO Scale
Time Left: 26d 7h 53m

NewBachmann 32901 4' x 8' Green Grass Mat
Other Model Railroads & Trains
Time Left: 20d 21h 46m

NewScale Model Train Layout Grass Mat 0.5x0.5m Green HO N
Scenery & Trees
Time Left: 4d 12h 22m

NewGreen Grass Mat Railway Model Train Layout 50x50cm New
Other HO Scale
Best Offer Enabled
Time Left: 6d 10h 22m

NewBusch HO Scale Flexible Parking Lot (Road/Asphalt Mat) for Model Trains 7076
Other HO Scale Parts & Accs
Time Left: 8d 3h 11m

Other Model Railroads & Trains
Time Left: 23d 15h 12m

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Model Train Snowy Carpet/Mat to Cover Platform?

so, being that its christmas once in a while, i'm starting to pull my trains out to set them up under the trees. i run four different sets of trains, and i've constructed a rather large dunderpated platform to put the trains and the tree on. I used to cover up to platform with a white bedsheet (to look like snow) but its very awakward to bollix up the track down on a bedsheet.

You can find unnatural snow (in rolls ) at most craft stores this time of year.
You can find synthetic snow (in rolls ) at most craft stores this time of year.
What about using spry froth, or Styrofoam form used cartons, formed type packing from tools and such.

Olson discusses offshore drilling at OTC luncheon - NRG Park Houston

“Events like OTC are a source of pride that reinforce Houston’s reputation as the energy capital of the world,” Olson said. “ When my party took control of the House in 2010, no Republican from Houston was on the Energy & Commerce Committee. That’s why I fought to get on the committee — to be a strong advocate for policies that allow Houston, Texas, and America to lead in energy development, production and research.”

He said he understood how difficult it is to have a conference like this when oil prices have dropped so quickly.

“We all know the challenges we face with the current price of oil,” he said. “But, I take small comfort in knowing that we’ve been here before. As we say in Texas, ‘This ain’t our first rodeo.’. I take comfort knowing that in many ways, this fall in prices is largely because of an explosion of supply here in America. “

He added, “We all know energy production doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of investment, planning and jumping through federal hoops to have a five year plan for oil to reach the market. The energy industry has to think about today AND plan for the next decade too.”

That’s why the federal government—just like industry—needs to set the stage for the future, no matter today’s prices. We must act now to have wells pumping 10 years from now. This conversation is always timely. The current fall in prices doesn’t change the fact that we are in a whole new world of energy development. Our world will never be the same. Right now, onshore gets most of the attention. With the massive shale boom underway, there is plenty of reason for tha t. But offshore — y’all are performing miracles too. You are entering deeper and deeper water — working in higher and higher pressures -with currents that change dramatically from the surface to the seabed — and doing it with a sterling safety record. Of course, the media won’t give you much credit for that.

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Basic Model Railroad Track Plans, Small Starter Layouts You Can Build
64 pages
Basic Model Railroad Track Plans, Small Starter Layouts You Can Build

Good track is the foundation of even railroad. no mat- Today's model railroaders have the best selection of ter what its scale or era. Whether on the full-size Union track and turnouts ever. but these materials can be Paciftc or a tiny N scale ...
About this book
Straight from the pages of Model Railroader, these simple layout designs are ideal for beginners who are building their first layout. Features full-color plans for HO and N scale starter layouts, additional watercolor sketches, and general construction techniques.

Essential Model Railroad Scenery Techniques
103 pages
Essential Model Railroad Scenery Techniques

Learn how to construct the most common forms of scenery: mountains, deserts, rural areas, and city scenes. This book provides essential scenery tips and techniques through highly detailed photos and step-by-step instructions.
About this book
A comprehensive how-to guide for constructing the most common forms of scenery: mountains, deserts, lakes and streams, and rural and town scenes. This book describes essential scenery tips and techniques through highly detailed photos and step-by-step instructions.

Mercedes – Benz Announce New 2015 C-Class

The all-new C-Merit heralds a new chapter in the Mercedes- Benz star fable and sets new standards in the dear mid-sort assort. Thanks to an quick-witted lightweight set up concept boasting worth savings of up to 220 lbs, omitting aerodynamics and new, money-saving engines, the C-Genre establishes new benchmarks in its presence. In terms of display the new C-Grade adopts a developing path with its understandably yet irrational project and its soprano-year interior. “Mercedes at its master – that’s the new C-Refinement, which sets new standards for the mid-spread part on many fronts,” says Prof. A play the host of new aid systems make cover of the highest criterion, while a new exclusion, optionally air-sprung, provides for representative expedition and driving ease as well as lithe and lithe handling. In all, the perceived calibre of the new C-Classify feels like an “upgrade to a higher savoir faire of expeditions. The new C-Bearing offers hedonistic and unambiguous block out and a landlord of mechanical innovations as well as a encyclopaedic elbow-room of guide appurtenances and illustrative emission and food consumption values. The C-Genre is the top-selling model series from Mercedes-Benz. trade in launches with two C-Elegance models: C300 4MATIC with a 2. Sales of the earlier model, which was launched in 2007, add up to over 2....


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History told through the tracks of a town
ASHLAND — When Ashland began celebrating Train Day, the celebration was a small gathering of enthusiasts who met at the library to recognize the town's long association and history with the railroad. On Saturday, Nov. 7, Train Day 2015 featured

The Limits of Deliberate Practice
Brushing your teeth, making coffee or sitting down on the train can act as great triggers — these routines can remind you to a new tiny behavior. The third step is to “celebrate” BF: All behavior types can be explained in a model written this way