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NewBCBG MAXAZRIA black IRIS knit sweater size XS
$100.00Buy It Now: $150.00
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Time Left: 1h 6m

Susan Graver Plus Size Liquid Knit Scoop Neckline 3/4 Sleeve Top in Medium Iris
Tops & Blouses
Time Left: 27d 16h 43m

New3 balls Soft Natural Smooth Bamboo Cotton Yarn Knitting Iris pink 930 SALE
Bids: 6
Time Left: 20h 35m

NewLOT of 3 Skeins x 50g DK 4ply Silk wool cashmere Hand Knit Yarn Light Iris 9021
Bids: 2
Time Left: 23h 8m

NewSale Lot of 6 balls x 50g Cashmere Silk velvet Children knitting Yarn
Wool & Yarn
Time Left: 19d 10h 45m

NewSale 3ballsx50g Cashmere Silk velvet Children Hand Knitting Yarn Iris pink 1836
Bids: 2
Time Left: 23h 42m

NewSale Lot 3Skeinsx50g Natural Smooth Bamboo Cotton yarn knitting Iris pink 930
Bids: 2
Time Left: 1d 2h 44m

Time Left: 21d 18h 27m

NewSale 3x50g Skeins Supple Silk wool cashmere hand Knitting Baby Yarn Iris C21
Bids: 3
Time Left: 1d 4h 26m

NewLot 3Skeinsx50g Milk Cotton TRICOT DK Hand Knitting Baby Yarn Iris pink C7429
Bids: 5
Time Left: 1d 6h 10m

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Is there any1 out there that collects teddy bears like me?

I'm an avid art-lover of most, if not all things teddy bear related. I have about 400 or so bears (according to my partner) - I sweetie reading about them, cross stitching them, collecting them & would also like to know if there is a club in Australia dedicated to teddies & their collectors...I'd attraction to hear from fellow bear enthusiasts around the world - I also do cross stitching, knitting, iris folding (card making)!


The defence is yes there are people out there who collect teddy bears just like you in fact there are teddy bear clubs in all parts of the humankind. This year I've heard about a Store called "Make a bear" that people rush at their own teddy bears So you're not alone here.
I regard teddy bears too but I sure haven't got as many as you and I not as fanatical as you. I try to buy every teddy from Care Flight that way I am getting my teddies and plateful out Care Flight.
I'm sorry I don't know of any club but there is a shop in the lower Blue Mountains, Glenbrook, that sells only Teddy Bears and I'm unshakeable you would love that shop.
I taste teddy bears so much. the only problem is that my house right now has no room so they are all at my parents house in containers. my Kids also tenderness teddy bears. i think we all have like 600 teddys now. was also have almost 1000 HotWheels cars.

The support is yes there are people out there who collect teddy bears just like you in fact there are teddy bear clubs in all parts of the rapturous. This year I've heard about a Store called "Make a bear" that people form their own teddy bears So you're not alone here.

Catskills Irish Arts Week marks 20 years

Concerts will be held Monday through Friday night at the Michael J. Quill Irish Cultural and Sports Centre in East Durham. Featured musical acts include artists Dylan Forley, Mairin Ui Cheide, Bill Ochs Tes Slominski, Kieran Jordan, Cormac MacConnell, Myron Bretholz, Regan Wick, Padraig McEneaney, Caitlin NicGabhann and many, many others.

Slow/Intermediate Afternoon Sessions will also be held Monday through Thursday afternoons between 4-5 p.m. Sessions are located at different venues. On Monday they will be at Gavins, on Tuesday at Stack’s, Wednesday at MJQ Irish Cultural and Sports Center and the Shamrock House and on Thursday at Blackthorne Resort.

Late night sessions will also be held Monday through Friday from 10pm to 12am. Venues for these sessions will take place every night at Gavins, Blackthorne, McGraths’s, Stacks’s Pub, Shamrock House, and the MJQ Irish Cultural and Sports Centre’s Map of Ireland.

Late night session performer’s include Michael Tubridy, Cormac MacConnell, Autumn Rhodes, Paul de Grae, Jerry O’Sullivan, Brendan Fahey, Oisin MacDiarmad and many others.

Additionally there will be Nightly Ceili from 9pm-12am at the Shamrock House except on Wednesday it will be held at the Inn at Leeds from 8:30 to 11:30 p.m.  

To further enhance the exploration of Irish Arts Week workshops are held including instrumental, singing, traditional dance, and crafts. The workshops are family friendly and offer varying levels of experience.

Instructional classes will be provided for fiddle, flute, tin whistle, button accordion, harmonica, uileann pipes, concertina, tenor banjo, harp, guitar, bouzouki. Workshops include multi-instrumental tune repertoire class, Ceili band, songwriting, Irish knitting and Irish Language and new this year is a literature workshop with Cormac MacConnell.

Craft classes include instruction in Ancient Irish Style Jewelry Casting and “Kitchen Table Celtic Jewelry” with Iris Nevins, Celtic Relief Carving in Limestone and Irish Weaving Craft with Laura Travis, and Painting from Life with Vincent Crotty.

Knitting Iris - Bookshelf

Modular Knits, Iris Schreier's Innovative & Easy Techniques
128 pages
Modular Knits, Iris Schreier's Innovative & Easy Techniques

Originally published in hardcover in 2005.
About this book
A traditional knitting technique gets a new and easier spin, so that even beginners can master the process. This comprehensive course features themed tutorials, complete with handy practice exercises, as well as simple instructions, charts, and 24 fabulous projects. Start with a basic square pillow, and as skills build, move onto the Starburst Shawl, Bulls-eye Hat, and Pinwheel Purse.

Lacy Little Knits, Clingy, Soft & a Little Risque
144 pages
Lacy Little Knits, Clingy, Soft & a Little Risque

One of knitting's brightest stars, author Iris Schreier, presents exquisite projects with sensuous cling and drape and an aura of romance.
About this book
Open, peek-a-boo stitches are all the rage with knitters and fashionistas. So isn’t it great to know that you can achieve that lovely lacy look without all the complicated patterns? Bestselling author Iris Schreier reveals her clever tricks for using simple, accessible techniques to mimic lace beautifully. Each of these 25 garments features gorgeous lightweight yarns, and their sensuous cling and drape evoke an aura of romance and sexiness. Wrap yourself in a luxurious pretty-in-pink Turkish Shawl. Play the role of a retro starlet in the Seashell Hat in ultra-soft green cashmere. Beat the heat in style with an eye-catching turquoise Chevron Halter. There’s even a show-stopping bridal outfit! Schreier carefully covers all the basics, from an overview of key stitches to picking up stitches in fabric, from creating short rows to adding trim, tassels, and cords. A Selection of the Crafter's Choice Book Club.

Holiday Edition of Feeding Your E-Reader Friday: FREE & almost free HOT Romances

It's Christmas in Half-Moon Dip and newly turned vampire Iris Scanlon-Calix wants to comprehend Gigi's first pop in competent in from college as conformist and festive as attainable. This was one of the first fete collections that I pore over this ready and it's still one of my undiluted favorites. It's bewitched months for Iris to exertion up the mettle to fritter away duration around her infant sister after her vampire development, so she enlists daily help from Jane Jameson and Partnership to keep her blood-hankering under steer and guarantee Gigi's safeness. I recollect I'll be re-reading Lover on Water Circle: A Snow Stream Christmas by Adrienne Bell, Juliet Blackwell, Cecilia Gray, Rachael Herron, Lisa Hughey, Ruby Laska, and LGC Smith occasion after opportunity ripe as these ticker-warming tales well-founded are so enticing. Can the Scanlon sisters round libidinous problems, vampire manoeuvring, and Christmas cookie disasters and take to a more routine break. In the bedlam of preparations for the praising--the first of Hart and Eleanor's married person--one of Ian's Ming bowls gets functioning, and the next of kin scrambles to redeem the day. And then there's the cheap question of the large, frustrating vampire who keeps appearing in Gigi's inessential spectre, then disappearing before she can talk to him....