What is a good knitting website for beginners?

I moral bought Knitting for Dummies and it's good but I am a true beginner (as well as a very visual learner) and am looking for something with instructional videos.

http://knittinghelp.com is the most skilfully website out there... for beginners and more advanced people! It has very detailed and helpful videos for everything beginning to end, as well as written instructions. There are also forums where you can find very pragmatic people to answer any questions you may have.

Good luck... and be careful: knitting is addicting!
about.com has peerless video and visual aides for knitters. Good luck!
http://knittinghelp.com is the A-one website out there... for beginners and more advanced people! It has very detailed and helpful videos for everything beginning to end, as well as written instructions. There are also forums where you can find very utilitarian people to answer any questions you may have.

Good luck... and be careful: knitting is addicting!
This situation has instructional videos that show how to cast-on, knit, purl, bind-off, and other knitting techniques.

Click on "Getting Started" and "Underlying Techniques" tabs to start.

Peter MacKay called 'strong voice' as he announces he's stepping down

Peter MacKay's decision to bow out of politics is being greeted with both shock and warm wishes in Nova Scotia as the Central Nova MP turns his attention towards his growing family.

With Prime Minister Stephen Harper introducing him in Stellarton, N.S., MacKay announced he will not seek re-election , but will stay on as the federal justice minister and MP for Central Nova until October.

MacKay says he's leaving for personal reasons.

"I love what I do but I love my family more," MacKay said Friday.

A longtime Nova Scotia Tory says the news caught some Tories off guard, calling the cabinet minister the most influential federal politician from the province since the Trudeau era.

Read the latest news on Peter MacKay's resignation Peter MacKay just the latest loss for federal Conservatives

"Certainly it wasn't something anybody was expecting, but politics can change on a dime, and here we are changing on a dime as we speak," Rob Batherson, who worked for MacKay in Ottawa, said Friday.

Batherson said MacKay is likely the most influential federal politician from Nova Scotia since Trudeau-era cabinet minister Allan MacEachen.

Opponents weigh in

MacKay, he says, sought funding for many local projects, including Halifax's new library and the Canada Games Centre, and pushed for the Harper government to launch a national shipbuilding program.

"He has been a very, very strong voice for Nova Scotia, for Nova Scotia interests," Batherson says.

MacKay is minister of justice, but has previously served as minister of national defence, minister of foreign affairs and minister for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

MacKay ably represented Nova Scotia in Ottawa, according to both allies and opponents, including former Halifax MP Alexa McDonough, who served as the New Democratic Party leader between 1995 and 2003.

Knitting For Dummies - Bookshelf

Knitting For Dummies
384 pages
Knitting For Dummies

Get ready to knit — choose yarn and needles, read pattern instructions and charts, and measure gauge Now you're knitting! — cast on, knit and purl, use basic stitches, make increases and decreases, and knit in the round Expand your ...
About this book
Now updated and better than ever--the bestselling guide to knitting brilliant, timeless pieces Knitting For Dummies consistently ranks among our top-selling Dummies titles since it published six years ago, with 300,000 copies sold. Knitting For Dummies, Second Edition is for those new to the craft who are looking for a great introductory guide, as well as those already familiar with knitting who are looking for an easy-to-read, fun reference that introduces them to new projects and techniques. This revised and expanded edition not only provides the latest information and resources, but also step-by-step how-to instructions for all the knitting techniques explained in the book. Using easier-to-follow photos and illustrations, the guide demonstrates basic knitting stitches and shows readers how to decipher patterns and work with multiple colors. It also explains how to fix common knitting mistakes and relax stiff shoulders and fingers. Most projects also offer a list of variations, so knitters...

Knitting For Dummies
408 pages
Knitting For Dummies

Cheat Sheet at www.dummies.com/cheatsheet/knitting for easy reference lists of knitting abbreviations, a glossary of knitting techniques, and formulas for converting pattern measurements. Plus, you can find free articles on maximizing your ...
About this book
The bestselling guide to knitting brilliant, timeless pieces This revised and refreshed third edition of Knitting For Dummies features new knitting patterns, refreshed and additional projects, a new bibliography and suppliers list, and improved step-by-step knitting instructions. Plus, from the book, you can access step-by-step instructional videos online that enable you to see and practice the knitting techniques found in the book. From casting on to knitting in the round—and more—this new edition provides refreshed content and new images and access to online videos to help you follow along with the text. The book's user-friendly online instructional videos empower you to get started knitting immediately. Includes refreshed knitting projects Empowers you to confidently knit your own handmade creations A brand-new edition of the bestselling guide to knitting Experienced and novice knitters alike can benefit from the step-by-step instructions and informative videos included in this...

Hiya Hiyas and Fish Lips Kiss heel pattern + YouTube

Booming back to socks for a journal, my comrade Joeli on her blog has been saying advantageous things about the Fish lips osculate broke so I've downloaded it and effective to give it a try on a wed of socks for myself perhaps :) The split comes with a rather hunger PDF... This is alleged to be definitely outgoing with no gaps caused by wrap and turns (as it doesn't have them), I may even fasten a minute representation merely to try it before doing a full sock.