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Authentic Origami Owl Take Out Jewlery Box -Great to give an Origami Owl gift in
Charms & Charm Bracelets
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Origami Owl Silver Locket - Medium Silver Locket w/ Crystals, Chain + Gift Box!
Necklaces & Pendants
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NewWhite Porcelain Origami Crane Ornament One Hundred 80 Degrees Gift Box NEW
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Authentic Origami Owl Locket Large Silver with Crystals + Gift Box!
Necklaces & Pendants
Time Left: 7d 7h 57m

The Origami Giftbox: Tools, Techniques, and Materials -- Everything You Need to
Time Left: 6d 5h 53m

Vintage Pin - Cats In Love & Handmade Origami Gift Box
Jewelry & Pins
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Time Left: 3d 16h 30m

NewWhite Porcelain Origami Reindeer Ornament One Hundred 80 Degrees Gift Box NEW
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NewHeart-shaped gift box origami roses 26 roses
Paper Crafts
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origami gift box- how do you make them deeper?

i stand in want to make an origami gift box (preferably octagonal) but all the designs i've seen online are fairly shallow and i want to muddle through it a bit deeper so it fits more in it! anyone know how to make it deeper, or at least can refer me to a site that will help??

Follow several and glue them together?
Scrape by several and glue them together?
Does using a larger plate of paper help?

Picture special: Our look at the events around the county

Mr King, 43, who goes by the name Dave, above, when at his day job with an engineering firm in Reading, said: “It started quietly and just got more and more lively. By the end it was quite a raucous party.”
Oxjam ends with a nationwide weekend of town “takeovers” in October.

Mosaic brings city sights together

ARTISTIC pupils gave up their own time to create this colourful mosaic for Headington’s Cheney School, above. Year 8 and 9 pupils met twice a week after school since January to create the four-panel mosaic.
It includes city sites – including the famous Headington shark life-sized model – and the school’s Latin motto “Think for yourself, act for others”. The panels will be put up in the school’s Lane building on Friday.
The project was part of the school’s East Oxford Community Classics Centre, which opened last October to educate pupils and the public about the classics.
Director Lorna Robinson said: “It looks brilliant. They showed enormous skill.”

Pupils take a peek behind Bamboo Curtain

AMELIA JOHN, above, has been flying the flag for China.
Her school, Larkmead in Abingdon, held a whole day of Chinese culture on Thursday.
Students got to try out Chinese percussion instruments, have a go at calligraphy and traditional wash painting on rice paper, and learnt typical ribbon, fan and handkerchief dances at the hands of experienced Chinese dancers.
Amelia, 12, said: “The Ribbon Dance workshop was great fun.
“The skills I learnt in this workshop will help me to develop my balance skills for my dance classes.”
Teenagers also got to try out Chinese cookery, origami and Chinese folk dance.
School spokeswoman Marilyn Pearce said: “The workshops encouraged students to feel, see, think and practice from a Chinese cultural perspective.”

A panto date? Oh yes it was!

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Fabulous Origami Boxes
97 pages
Fabulous Origami Boxes

Fabulous Origami Boxes is a Japan Publications publication.
About this book
Imagine a box made of paper! Boxes are one of the most popular formats of the age-old papercraft of origami. This delightful book is entirely devoted to the creation of origami boxes-plain or fancy, playful or practical, and elaborate boxes topped with cranes, butterflies, lilies, stars, and more. FABULOUS ORIGAMI BOXES includes designs for nesting boxes, simple triangle and square boxes and more complex hexagonal and octagonal boxes. Detailed illustrations provide step-by-step instructions on the correct way to crease and fold origami paper. Many of the designs are made of one sheet of paper, but some combine individual units with intriguing results.Both practical and lovely, these boxes can be used for gift-giving, storing trinkets, or simply for display.

Origami Boxes, For Gifts, Treasures & Trifles
64 pages
Origami Boxes, For Gifts, Treasures & Trifles

Create endless variations by changing colors, patterns, and textures. Plentiful photos, bright and close up, will show you how to go each step of the way, and there are even suggestions for appropriate things to put in each kind of box.
About this book
Small treasures deserve beautiful boxes to hold them, and origami, the deceptively simple Japanese art of folding and connecting multiple sheets of paper, makes a range of wonderful styles and unique containers. Create endless variations by changing colors, patterns, and textures. Plentiful photos, bright and close up, will show you how to go each step of the way, and there are even suggestions for appropriate things to put in each kind of box.

13 Frugal, Romantic Gifts that Mean a Lot

  You can find a loving terrible tutorial at this locate here   or you can attain them from some zealous Etsy stores by searching " festive dates prints" A fun way to fathom this would be to produce a gift using a map to bruise signify the different places where you met,...   For a fun way to be placed this gift for a guy who loves to use gps and maps but without having to cut up a crowd of maps and things, you could go for a text using all of the gps coordinates of the valued to you places in your spark of life.   If you have an old example of a chosen lyrics that they passion, you could transcribe on the top or bottom of every recto or every chapter if it is a undeniably extensive reserve. ( there are also a few sites like shutterfly where you can fabricate your own deck of cards with your understanding on it)  You could buy a bag of their darling wrapped bon-bons and affiliate to it or cancel on each with the reasons you dearest them.  Then if you seal up the bag like it was never opened, what seems like Spartan bag of treats becomes a elephantine bolt from of court.

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OUR TOWN: Movie in the park tonight
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Solar Panel Array Designed Using Origami Principles
Solar Panel Array Designed Using Origami Principles with modern technologies. “You think of it as ancient art, but people are still inventing new things, enabled by mathematical tools,” Trease said. This spring we reported on a study that proposes to store hydrogen in a tiny origami box made from

Taste of Appalachia a main event of festival
Those attending the event may vote for the People's Choice Booth by visiting the ballot box located at festival headquarters near the corner of Main and Heber streets. “Vendors Origami Owl, Gutter Pro, US Cellular and other vendors will be present

Foldscope inventor named one of the world's top innovators under 35 by ...
The microscope, called the Foldscope, folds like origami and is powerful enough to detect microbes and project the image on a wall or screen. Prakash later offered to give His entry was a sophisticated chemistry kit built out of a music box. In a