origami ornaments?

does anyone skilled in where I can find the name or the how to on the ornament shown in this picture (it's on the left)?

http://www.airynothing.com/photos/2005_C hristmas_Montreal/2005_Christmas_Montrea l-Images/106.jpg

I be familiar with it's a bunch of single pieces sewn together, but I need to know how to make that single piece. any steal would be much appreciated.

It's called Kusuduma...I'm not stable how to make it, but if you google it you'll find a ton of websites and books listed.
It's called Kusuduma...I'm not guaranteed how to make it, but if you google it you'll find a ton of websites and books listed.

Summers get fun-tastic for kids

Origami is also one of the most well-known art activities that kids learn during their vacations. Origami experts undertake several summer camps for kids ranging from various groups, for kids as young as four to teenagers. These classes prove to be very useful, as the kids learn making decorative items, like greeting cards, show pieces, etc. One can also learn cane work, where kids learn to make small coasters, table pieces, baskets and delicate ornaments.

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If the swimming pool in your complex has always seemed abandoned, it may not be so now. Just take a look at it from your window now — there couldn't be a more crowded place than the pool this season. It's not just society swimming pools, but the ones at sports complexes too that are packed with swimmers — kids and adults alike. There are several summer camps for kids that teach kids basic as well as advanced swimming techniques — there are others that are only for fun and leisure. The swimming pool attracts maximum crowd this season as it is one of the coolest place to be, during the hot summers.

Sales, reading and activity sessions
You can make shopping and some regular activities really exciting for kids by giving them a fresh twist. Kids can come together to host a garage sale, wherein they can sell toys, books and stationary, giving them out at really reasonable rates. While, you can also organise reading and indoor activity sessions at each other's homes. They can also have reading sessions of story books and indoor activities. Being indoors, kids can be safe from the scorching heat and can be treated with yummy snacks.

Origami Ornaments - Bookshelf

Origami Ornaments, The Ultimate Kusudama Book
160 pages
Origami Ornaments, The Ultimate Kusudama Book

Just in time for the holidays comes the newest origami design book from the author of "Origami Rockets" and "Origami in King Arthur's Court".
About this book
Origami Ornaments is based on the design of traditional Japanese Kusudama ceremonial spheres. But the Japanese designs regularly require the use of glue to hold several parts together. Lew Rozelle has designed four basic models - base, joiner, clip, and hinge - which can be folded together, hanging in lovely globe or lantern shapes, thus remaining true to origami purist standards. Folded out of colorful paper, the ornaments can be made small enough to hang on a Christmas tree or large enough to hold aromatic potpourri. As the ornaments rest they will open gently, like flowers, but still not come apart. Also included are instructions for incorporating string for hanging as well as tassels into the design - a lovely finishing touch. There are no limits to the number of unique ornaments you can make from the four basic models. Try using various wrapping paper patterns and colored paper - the possibilities are endless. Origami Ornaments is the perfect book for holiday crafters and origami enthusiasts...

Origami Holiday Decorations, [Origami Book, 25 Projects]
64 pages
Origami Holiday Decorations, [Origami Book, 25 Projects]

Beautify your home or classroom for Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa with elegant original folded paper ornaments by the grande dame of origami, Florence Temko!
About this book
Make festive origami holiday decorations with this easy origami book.Beautify your home or classroom for the holidays with unique and elegant origami paper craft ornaments by world renowned origami artist, Florence Temko. Origami Holiday Decorations, is the festive origami design book with 25 fun-to-do 3D paper model projects that includes step-by-step instructions and color diagramsOrigami is the ideal craft for anyone who likes to create with their hands. The paper craft projects in this book can help you express your creativity by folding wonderful decorations out of single sheets of paper. Origami Holiday Decorations features designs for origami decorations that range from traditional to unique, simple to complex. Each model is explained with easy-to-follow diagrams and illustrated with a photograph of the finished project. A section on paper folding techniques makes it easy to get started, with special tips on how to adapt your origami projects to different sizes and papers. This easy...

San Francisco's 'World Tree Of Hope' Is LGBT Community's 'Christmas Gift' (PHOTOS)

The " Rapturous Tree of Conviction ," currently on pageant in San Francisco's Burg Lecture-hall, features origami ornaments created by members of the diocese's LGBT and Japanese-American communities, according to Jeff Cotter, Foreman Principal of Rainbow Just ecstatic Ready money ,... San Francisco's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community offered up its gorgeous annual gala present -- a 22-foot Christmas tree decorated with over 12,000 origami cranes and stars. Inscribed on the ornaments are contributors' wishes and hopes for the to be to come of the unbelievable.

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Calming art of origami
Calming art of origami #“I like showing people how to make stuff from a single piece of paper,” she said. #She uses all types of paper to create origami stars, frogs, balls and cranes. She often demonstrates how to make hats from newspaper to Christmas tree ornaments made

Give or get the gift of art
Give or get the gift of art Dawn Erickson kicks off the tree adornment with Origami Ornaments taught at the Red Wing Public Library in a 10 a.m. to noon workshop Saturday Dec. 5. Shifting from paper to pottery, artists of Red Wing Pottery offer the Christmas Ornaments workshop.

Where to see the best holiday lights
Where to see the best holiday lights Maybe for your family, it's time-traveling back to celebrate the holidays like the colonists did in Virginia or checking out the new ornaments on the Origami Holiday Tree, all inspired by items in the museum's collections at the American Museum of

Christmas in New York, for all ages!
City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style New York shines during the holiday season. The city's energy reaches new heights from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve. Santa Claus arrives in Herald Square at the end of Macy's Thanksgiving Day