origami ornaments?

does anyone skilled in where I can find the name or the how to on the ornament shown in this picture (it's on the left)?

http://www.airynothing.com/photos/2005_C hristmas_Montreal/2005_Christmas_Montrea l-Images/106.jpg

I be familiar with it's a bunch of single pieces sewn together, but I need to know how to make that single piece. any steal would be much appreciated.

It's called Kusuduma...I'm not stable how to make it, but if you google it you'll find a ton of websites and books listed.
It's called Kusuduma...I'm not guaranteed how to make it, but if you google it you'll find a ton of websites and books listed.

Arts cooperative honors longtime members

Both Jones and Reese were awarded lifetime memberships to the Holston Mountain Arts and Crafts Cooperative, an organization that began in 1971 with the mission of preserving and promoting the arts and crafts heritage in the region. Organizers Kathy and Rees Shearer of Emory and Eric and Sara Reese of Abingdon, supported by a group of churches and a community action agency in Washington County, brought local craftspeople and artists together to sell their work for fair prices.

The dedication, service, and contributions of Jones and Reese have not gone unnoticed throughout the four decades they have been members.

“These two ladies have been with us every day for 43 years and I think that deserves an honor,” said Donna Price, manager of the Holston Mountain Artisans, a name they took when the cooperative of artists moved from the Cave House building to the former county jail on Parks Street, a block from the Cave House.

The Shearers are the only other charter members also to receive the lifetime membership honor.

As charter members of the Holston Mountain Arts and Crafts Cooperative, one of the oldest cooperatives in the country, Jones and Reese agree that joining the organization was a turning point for both of their careers.

Jones, 92, reminisced that at 55 she got her first driver’s license just so she could deliver her handmade crafts around town. Reese, a potter, said she was so excited to sell her first crocheted purse she’d made as a new member that she made another one, and then another.

The artists share more than a love for art. Their artistic journeys are important pieces of local history.

Agnes Jones

Jones has spent much of her life sharing her crafting skills with others. She’s taught every kind of craft class imaginable, driving as far as Richlands and Marion to give lessons in macramé, decoupage, crocheting, knitting, tatting, needlepoint and cross stitch, just to name a few.

Origami Ornaments - Bookshelf

Origami Ornaments, The Ultimate Kusudama Book
160 pages
Origami Ornaments, The Ultimate Kusudama Book

Try using various wrapping paper patterns and colored paper - the possibilities are endless. Origami Ornaments is the perfect book for holiday crafters and origami enthusiasts alike.
About this book
Origami Ornaments is based on the design of traditional Japanese Kusudama ceremonial spheres. But the Japanese designs regularly require the use of glue to hold several parts together. Lew Rozelle has designed four basic models - base, joiner, clip, and hinge - which can be folded together, hanging in lovely globe or lantern shapes, thus remaining true to origami purist standards. Folded out of colorful paper, the ornaments can be made small enough to hang on a Christmas tree or large enough to hold aromatic potpourri. As the ornaments rest they will open gently, like flowers, but still not come apart. Also included are instructions for incorporating string for hanging as well as tassels into the design - a lovely finishing touch. There are no limits to the number of unique ornaments you can make from the four basic models. Try using various wrapping paper patterns and colored paper - the possibilities are endless. Origami Ornaments is the perfect book for holiday crafters and origami enthusiasts...

Origami Holiday Decorations
64 pages
Origami Holiday Decorations

25 original origami easy-to-fold projects simple and fun ornaments
About this book
Beautify your home or classroom for Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa with elegant original folded paper ornaments by the grande dame of origami, Florence Temko! These 25 designs will please discriminating tastes but are simple enough for newcomers to origami or as crafts projects for youngsters.

San Francisco's 'World Tree Of Hope' Is LGBT Community's 'Christmas Gift' (PHOTOS)

The " Rapturous Tree of Conviction ," currently on pageant in San Francisco's Burg Lecture-hall, features origami ornaments created by members of the diocese's LGBT and Japanese-American communities, according to Jeff Cotter, Foreman Principal of Rainbow Just ecstatic Ready money ,... San Francisco's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community offered up its gorgeous annual gala present -- a 22-foot Christmas tree decorated with over 12,000 origami cranes and stars. Inscribed on the ornaments are contributors' wishes and hopes for the to be to come of the unbelievable.