Trying to find information on a candy making machine made by T. Mills & Bro. in Philadelphia pat. 1871?

We have a bon-bons making machine made by "T. Mills & Bro." Philadelphia, PA, Patented Feb. 14, (18)71. It consists of two brass engraved cylinders that when turned by eccentric will turn out gum drops or a type of Swedish Fish candy. The machine is cast iron, seems to have been chrome plated, has a foot-eat one's heart out crank with a wooden handle on the end.

Is this it? bit3/e30093b.htm

You would use it for easy gummy candies. The differnt die cutters will make different shapes.
Is this it? bit3/e30093b.htm

You would use it for smooth gummy candies. The differnt die cutters will make different shapes.

School Briefs: Right to Play benefit run/walk Saturday

Nine Walled Lake Consolidated School District schools are Michigan Green Schools for 2015.

A school is eligible to receive a Green School, Emerald School, or Evergreen School Environmental Stewardship Designation if the school or students perform the required number of activities, with a minimum of two activities from each of the four categories: Recycling, Energy, Environmental Protection, and Miscellaneous Activates. Examples of activities include: Recycling paper, plastic, metal cans, batteries, cellular phones and cafeteria trays; reusing magazines and newspapers; adopting an endangered species animal; implementing an energy savings program; hosting an ecological representative; building a birdhouse habitat; establishing a natural Michigan garden project with native plants; and observing Earth Day.

These are the Walled Lake schools that have been awarded ‘Michigan Green School’ certification and their level for this school year: Commerce Elementary (Evergreen); Glengary Elementary (Green); Keith Elementary (Evergreen); Pleasant Lake Elementary (Green); Oakley Park Elementary (Green); Walled Lake Elementary (Green); Sarah Banks Middle School (Emerald); Walled Lake Central High School (Evergreen; and Walled Lake Western High School (Evergreen).

Novi Community Education will kick off its Summer C.A.R.E. program registration 4:30-8 p.m. Monday, May 4 , in the Community Education office at 25425 Taft Road in the Meadows Building. This will give parents an opportunity to talk to staff, register and complete the necessary paperwork.

Summer C.A.R.E. will run weekdays from 6:45 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, June 22, to Friday, Aug. 21. Registration fees are $130 for the first child, $110 for the second child and free for the third child. Daily fees are $40 per child. Lunch is included except for field trip days. All fees are non-refundable.

Students are assigned to the grade level they will be attending in the fall. The staff is well experienced and activities are age appropriate for the development of the students. Activities include field trips, crafts, science experiments, sports, games and more.

Engraving End Mills - Bookshelf

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Advanced Machining Processes of Metallic Materials, Theory, Modelling and Applications

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CNC Trade Secrets

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Waves, ruins, and the city

 There is nothing like this in the trade of two other Dutch engravers on the same under the control of b dependent on, or in any of the Venetian engravers who indicated their the best quality rather as it is indicated in the bay south of Nauplion, at the top of this imprint.  The ascend, in the last century, has several times been erroneously identified as a mill, because it is in the block of The Mills, and because identifiers took the doppelgaenger screen for a mill folk.  (Images of Nauplion, like images of Candia, almost always show the conurbation with north at the bottom. Several details especially interest me.  The first, the essence of qualify above, is done in a shape that suggests that de Hooghe was well-aware of with the habit of Japanese prints.  This barricade was, for some years, the augury of the perimeter between Venetian vicinity and the Despotate, and then Ottoman quarter. The next detail is this keep and fortification at the north of the Bay of Argos, at the bottom of the panorama.  But then, ruins crop up in other areas of the engraving. The inferior merchandise detail is this soup of ruins penny-pinching the beach, north of Nauplion. The passage behind the arsenal is exceptionally incommodious, and since that in someone's bailiwick was the commencement of what was ostensibly intended to be ) I have been wondering if one of de Hooghe's sources acclaimed the walls of Tiryns....